Official Catalogue Raisonne of Posthumous Renaissance Masterpieces



Apollonius of Athens, a distinguished sculptor hailing from ancient Greece, left an enduring mark on the realm of Hellenistic art. Born during the 1st century BCE, his life and accomplishments are somewhat veiled in historical obscurity, but his influence on sculptural innovation is unmistakable. Apollonius is renowned for his skillful mastery of bronze, particularly his ability to capture intricate details and convey a sense of dynamic movement in his sculptures.

While the specifics of his biography remain elusive, his legacy lives on through a few surviving references and inscriptions that attribute remarkable works to him. One of his most celebrated creations is the “Victorious Youth,” a stunning bronze statue depicting a young athlete in mid-motion, exuding a sense of vitality and realism. The intricate play of light and shadow on the meticulously rendered anatomy showcases Apollonius’s exceptional talent in evoking lifelike presence within his sculptures. His contributions to the evolution of ancient Greek sculpture, marked by a refined approach to both form and emotion, solidify his place as a pivotal figure in the continuum of artistic achievement during the Hellenistic era.


bronze and Pure Silver

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

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